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Hear your guests laugh at Wolf´s elegant, charming humor. Feel their astonishment when the incredible happens and the impossible is achieved. Benefit from Wolf Fisher´s experience, developed in thousands of international shows. You will be carried away by fascinating interactive performances. You will experience a thrilling and challenging show. And you will get top-class entertainment no matter what sort of an event you are planning. Wolf is a highly skilled multilingual entertainer. Wolf Fisher delights his audience with his personality instead of big boxes, bright flashes, or fancy equipment. As the true classic entertainer, he can take your guests on a round the world trip with nothing more than a briefcase. Respect for the audience, cultivated language and the instincts of an entertainer guarantee a great experience for the audience and the organizer. When hiring Wolf, you get an internationally acknowledged entertainer specializing in upscale and VIP events, dinner shows, award presentations, and other types of classic entertainment.
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"…simply magical!” artful and unexpected magical surprises
Experience charming magictainment “by guess and by gosh” customized for your audience! Wolf Fisher has an enormous repertoire to ensure your guests will laugh, marvel and enjoy. You will get an unforgettable show on stage or directly integrating with the audience where your guests' hands on their tables become the stage for enchanting wonders.

professional moderator and emcee with charm,
cultivated language and trained voice

Wolf knows the value of the right word at the right time. Wolf Fisher knows when to pull himself into the shadows to let your protagonists shine on stage. He builds bridges from one protagonist to another, masterfully integrates your desired information, guides the interview, and ensures that everyone leaves with a good impression of a polished event! He does so as an entertaining stage performer and emcee, but without any posh showmanship. If desired, Wolf Fisher can use his abilities and experience as a professional actor and speaker to impersonate a certain stage character for your moderation.
Wolf Fisher leaves your audience happy. And what could be a better recommendation for your event!

»…his CABARET Solo is successful, his moderations contain an elegant comedy…«
Rainer Holbe

»Wolf Fisher combines the skill of a magician with the funny tongue of an entertainer«
Michael Wolfram, LUNA Varieté

»That was good! That was funny! That was simply magical! You just made a new fan…”«
Nicole Heesters


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