Corporate Entertainer
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Your trade show presentation, convention, incentive
…should be more than a dry sense matter? You want to deliver your message in a reputable, yet entertaining and memorable manner? Wolf Fisher delivers your message by conjuring a smile on the face of your guests at your convention or tradeshow booth. Extensive international experience performing at upscale VIP events, an enormous repertoire and empathy create those WOW moments that make a real impact on your guests. Information and show blended together - nothing is impossible! Your demands and your wishes determine the kind of presentation, the props used, and the key message. Wolf Fisher is so much more for your corporate event than just an informative show act! At your desire, Wolf Fisher will be the professional host of your event who welcomes your guests. He will be the professional emcee, building bridges between your speakers, and he will be the one who creates a lasting memory with his distinctive shows.Wolf Fisher-Corporate Entertainer, Speaker, Moderator, professional EmceeWolf Fisher  Photo:

lectures and coaching for employees and executives
A salesperson is always like on stage. Wolf Fisher will share his knowledge about body language, communication and motivation with your employees. His coaching will reflect your demands and will be carefully constructed especially for you. Wolf will prepare your company representative for his or her appearance as a speaker or emcee in the best possible way.

product presentations tradeshows and promotion campaigns
Wolf helps to make the presentation of your new product informative, memorable and fun. The features of your new product are wrapped into a tailor-made entertaining performance. Wolf will put your guests and colleagues in the right mood by giving interactive and fun presentations.

»Herr Fisher knows in an excellent way, to to fascinate his audience, right from the beginning. With enchanting magic and authentic objects, fitting the event (keyword: money bill in lightbulb) he delighted our audience. With charme and comedy he baffled our attendees who said good bye to him with big auppause after his show. Highly recommended and entertaining!«
Frank Schweizer, Regionalleitung Kooperationen Alexander Bürkle und Christian Pasqué


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